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Bank transfer

Our bank details for the bank transfer:

Bank name: Chase Bank

Account Name: Credeo Finance

Account Number: 05198-00092

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To set collaboration with us, your company should have a range of new or pre-owned vehicles for sale. Also, it would be a greater advantage, if your sales department is experienced in closing sales generated from Internet leads. If you got interested, please, contact us.
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Using CredeoFinance, you are able to get a decision on your auto loan application in a matter of minutes. Most approvals are received within 20 minutes or less.
We use a variety of credit scoring best practices and methodologies to evaluate each application that is submitted. Our financing programs provide a high rate of approvals for all types of credit situations.
We have the capability of funding a deal 48-60 hours after a deal is purchased. The entire deal cycle, however, may take more time, depending on the accuracy and completeness of deals submitted.
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